Nancy Salmeron

is a published author, inspirational speaker, and a personal development coach. Her focus is personal and leadership development. She believes our passion is the link to our purpose, and that we must pursue our purpose to fulfill our destiny.

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What is Your Why?

When you understand your why, you will be clear on your purpose. What do you want your legacy to be? What impact do you want to leave the people around you? Money is not enough. What is the purpose of your life? We all have a purpose, but only a selective few will go out of their way to find what it is.

Having a strong “why” is what keeps you fighting when everyone else gives up. A strong why is the reason you will succeed while everyone fails. Why are you desiring that life dream or goal? Do you want to discover why you exist?

What does a life coach do?

A life coach is a professional who helps you reach a goal or make a change in your life. They help you to figure out where you are stuck in your life and how to start taking action to change and move forward.

Why people need a Life Coach

Life coaching is a collaboration between the life coach and a client designed to tap into your full potential. Just as Olympic athletes wouldn’t think
of training without the added insight, objective perspective, and enthusiastic support of an athletic coach, many of today’s
most successful business leaders, professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, and CEOs use the services of a life coach to take their lives, careers,
or businesses to the next level