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With sincerity and humor, Nancy shares how she left a very noble profession as an educator to pursue her passion of Personal Development Coaching and Inspirational Speaking. She reminds us how playing it safe can take away from your greatness.


Coaching Packages


3 Months


per month


With this package you get 3 months dedicated to an important goal or life change. Do you have an important dream or goal that keeps getting put on the sideline? Do you feel that you could make it happen if you had some extra help, guidance, and support? Then this package is for you.



6 Weeks


one-time fee


Get unstuck and creating positive, forward momentum. Even if all you know is that something in your life needs to change, this provides adequate opportunity for us to get to the core of that feeling and form a powerful breakthrough strategy to create a realistic solution.



6 Months


per month


This package guides you through 6 months of targeted, step-by-step transformation coaching. this package will help you with gaining clarity as to how to be more influential to others, identifying your core beliefs, and honing your time management skills to become a more effective leader.